Gemstone Jewellery and Gemstones

Natural, Raw and Rough Gemstones in Jewellery

Gemstone Jewellery is a great way to connect to Earth and Nature. Gemstones are our planet’s gift to us in amazing colours and shades. From the deep blue of sapphire to the mesmerising play of light on opals.

Opal Bracelet, gemstone jewellery

All gemstones are naturally formed in millions of years, witnessing the history of Earth from the beginning. Through millions of years, they have accumulated strong energies that enabled them to gain healing properties.

Have you heard of Birthstone Jewellery? In simplest words, each gemstone is assigned to a month. Creating a whole world of gift ideas for loved ones.  We include a cute little gemstone info card with our jewellery, making it a very meaningful and unforgettable gift. We offer natural gemstone jewellery, designed and made in our studio using cut or raw gemstones.

We have created our gemstones articles to open their magnificent world to you. You can find a wealth of information about gemstones in our articles. They are organised by months to make it easier. Each article presents a selection of our gemstone jewellery to help you easily pick.



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