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Citrine and Imperial Topaz – November Birthstones


What are November Birthstones?

November Birthstones are Citrine and Imperial Topaz. These lovely, sun coloured gemstones both have protective and healing properties.

Origins of Citrine and Imperial Topaz

Citrine and topaz are both stunning gems with warm hues that span from bright yellow to reddish-brown. These two different gems are both November Birthstones and do have many similarities. Most people believe that they provide the same support and protection since they have been closely intertwined for so long.

Citrine is French for “lemon,” due to its bright shining colours. The stone was highly prized in ancient Roman communities, and it was believed that this gem could contain the power of the sun, repelling negative energies while protecting the wearer from evil. Citrine was originally found in Russia and Madagascar, but in more recent times it has also been mined in Spain and South America, notably Bolivia, Uruguay and Brazil. Citrine can also be created by heat-treating amethyst, and this is done mostly in Brazil. We don’t offer any of this type of citrine. Please be aware, many sellers do this in the market!

Imperial Topaz was highly valued by Russian Tsars, who demanded that they were the only one’s worthy of keeping such fine gems. Ancient Greeks also believed that imperial topaz was a highly precious stone, one that could offer protection and increase strength, as well as make the wearer invisible during battle, so that they could be more successful against opponents. Topaz is actually named after the Greek word for fire, “topazos,” thanks to its bold warm hues. Imperial topaz is also mined in the Russian Ural mountains, as well as throughout Brazil.

Healing Properties of November Birthstones

Both citrine and imperial topaz are protective stones and can be worn by people to ward off any potential infections or viruses. They are helpful at protecting the immune system and preventing illnesses from having the chance to affect the body. This makes them great gems for people with weakened immune systems, or simply those who wish to make sure they are taking all the right precautions.

Citrine is a powerful stone, which can be a great support for people who have thyroid issues. The stone helps to fix any hormonal imbalances which might be causing struggles. This stone helps to provide clarity, and can reduce the effects of mood and anxiety disorders, such as depression. Citrine helps wearers to not feel completely engulfed in negative thoughts and energy, by facilitating a more positive perspective. It is also great for those with blood disorders, as it can help to improve circulation and remove any harmful toxins.

Imperial topaz is known to have healing properties that support various internal organs of the body. This includes the gallbladder, kidneys, as well as the wider endocrine system and its associated glands. Imperial topaz helps to ensure that these bodily functions are working at maximum capacity, and provides them with protection which can help prevent many ailments from affecting the body. Imperial topaz can also help with sight issues, delaying the progression of degenerative issues, and easing the symptoms associated with conditions such as glaucoma.

Balance your Chakras

Citrine is associated with the sacral chakra, the second chakra that represents the very essence of a person. This chakra is associated with creativity, pleasure, and other emotions that help to colour the human existence. This chakra can easily get blocked when people neglect themselves on an emotional level and fail to recognise the energies that they are manifesting, but also the energies around them that might be hindering their growth and development. Wearing citrine not only helps to realign the sacral chakra, but to draw positive energy from the universe, and to dispel any negativity. Citrine can help users to recognize their own strength and power, both emotionally and spiritually, enabling them to see their full potential and to embody themselves in an authentic way.

Imperial topaz is more closely associated with the solar plexus chakra, which is responsible for wisdom and power. This chakra contains the essence of power of a person, and is considered the centre of one’s energy. Realigning the solar plexus chakra is important for those who are perhaps struggling with low self-esteem issues, or those who feel as though their personal energy is not on the same wavelength as the rest of the universe. Imperial topaz helps to restore one’s natural energy, but also to restore faith and confidence in it. Understanding your own personal strength is key to being able to take control of your destiny, and to manifest success on your own personal path. Wearing imperial topaz helps you to see yourself more clearly, and to remove all obstacles that may stand in your way.

Spiritual Properties

Citrine and imperial topaz are both heavily spiritual stones, and can help to protect and support wearers in a number of different ways, depending on what they need the most. Citrine is known to be able to unlock creative potential, but this precious stone also helps wearers to find the motivation to use their talents to their fullest potential. Wear citrine jewellery if you feel as though you are struggling to express yourself, or if there appears to be a disconnect between what you feel internally and what you project outwards. Citrine can help to align the selves, allowing you to feel more authentic physically, spiritually, and mentally. It can also help to release any negativity that is stored within the body, providing a sense of lightness and calm.


Imperial topaz also brings confidence and internal power to its wearers, enabling you to see clearly just how to achieve your dreams. It will help you to overcome any personal boundaries you might have imposed on yourself, which are only hindering your growth and full potential. This stone also helps to provide good fortune, by enabling its wearer with the tools necessary to succeed, but also eliminating any potential obstacles that may stand in your way. It helps to strengthen people’s spiritual connections to the universe, allowing them to understand their true purpose, goals and dreams. This is perfect for those who feel lost in the world, or for those who have forgotten that they are a unique and important piece of something bigger.

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