Silver Engagement Rings


      Silver Engagement Rings, Lovingly Hand-crafted

      Explore our beautiful collection of engagement rings for women

      Congratulations. You’re either engaged or about to pop the question. If so, we want to help. At Abiza, we put all our effort into creating the finest silver engagement rings, so you can easily find a ring that perfectly reflects the love in your relationship.

      Our silver rings are lovingly hand-crafted by artisans. They are also customisable by choosing either a silver, modern rose-gold or classic gold finish. We pride ourselves on creating beautiful affordable jewellery that stands the test of time.

      All of our rings are made of high-quality sterling silver and are gorgeous to behold. The silver works brilliantly with precious gems of any colour and diamonds too. Our ring collection features a wide range of silver and diamond rings, vintage engagement rings, silver solitaire rings and white silver rings.

      At Abiza, we know that you want a ring as unique as you are. So, we also have silver sapphire engagement rings, princess cut engagement rings, high-quality cubic zirconia engagement rings and much, much more.

      Silver is a beautiful precious metal and a perfect choice for an engagement ring. Knowing your engagement ring has been lovingly hand-crafted, ethically sourced and uniquely designed means you will have an engagement ring that reflects your love perfectly.

      Explore our collection and find the perfect one for you.