7 Chakra Jewellery

There are 7 chakras throughout our body which are energy centres of the body. Each chakra corresponds to certain nerves and organs. Here are related colours and associated gemstones of the chakras:

First Chakra Root Chakra | Muladhara Red
Second Chakra Sacral Chakra | Svadhishthana Orange
Third Chakra Solar Plexus Chakra | Manipura Yellow
Fourth Chakra Heart Chakra | Anahata  Green
Fifth ChakraLight Blue / Turquoise Throat Chakra | Vishuddha Light Blue / Turquoise
Sixth Chakra Third Eye Chakra | Ajna Indigo
Seventh Chakra Crown Chakra | Sahasrara Violet or White

Root Chakra | Sacral Chakra | Solar Plexus Chakra | Heart Chakra | Throat Chakra | Third Eye Chakra | Crown Chakra

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