Silver Wedding Rings by Abiza. The perfect ring to say I do.

Silver Wedding Rings, Lovingly Hand-crafted

Explore our beautiful collection of silver wedding rings for women

Say “I do” with silver. Our silver wedding rings are beautiful and permanent ways to show your commitment to one another. We know how special your wedding day will be and the memories it will create. So, we understand how important a wedding ring is, not only to show your commitment but also to remind you of that special day every time you look at it.

Our wedding rings are lovingly hand-crafted by artisans. We put all our effort into creating the finest jewellery because every bride deserves the very best.

At Abiza, we create silver rings with the option of different hand finish colours. You can choose timeless silver, modern rose gold or a classic gold finish. We pride ourselves on creating beautiful affordable jewellery that stands the test of time.

For affordable added sparkle in quality sterling silver, try our cubic zirconia wedding rings.

Silver is such a beautiful and precious metal. Therefore it shines, glows and works with precious gems beautifully. Having the option to choose a different colour finish allows you to personalise and own a uniquely beautiful wedding ring.

Knowing your chosen wedding ring has been lovingly hand-crafted, ethically sourced and uniquely designed means you will have a wedding ring that represents your love perfectly.

We also design and craft classic, timeless and unique anniversary rings for your years to come.

Explore our collection of beautiful silver wedding rings crafted in the UK.

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