Crystal Bracelets


      Crystal Bracelets & Raw Crystal Bracelets

      Exquisite crystal bracelets, hand-selected, natural gemstones from Abiza Collection. Cubic zirconia bracelet alternatives from Jewelixir Collection. Handcrafted and hand-finished in silver, gold and rose gold.


      Raw crystal bracelets models are simple yet elegant designs embellished with natural stones. This unique design collection of Abiza includes a bracelet model that offers many different options. Raw crystal bracelet designs also have a healing and calming effect on the human body. You can look at the bracelets models made of precious and semi-precious stones in the collection.

      Crystal Bracelets & Raw Crystal Bracelets Models

      With custom crystal bracelets models, you can instantly find the accessory that will suit you well. These specially designed bracelet models offer personalised options and contain precious and semi-precious stones from nature. In this collection, which also includes gemstone bracelet models, stylish and elegant models are at the forefront. You can find models that suit your taste in Abiza's bracelet collection, which has straightforward designs. At the same time, it is possible to make your body calmer with these designs, which are also included in the category of healing bracelets. Thanks to bracelet models, you can also benefit from the healing and calming effect found in many natural stones.

      Abiza Collection Crystal Bracelets & Raw Crystal Bracelets

      Abiza Jewellery, admired for its raw crystal bracelet designs, continues to develop this collection. There are bracelet models suitable for every collection style, consisting of precious and semi-precious stones. Abiza prefers to manufacture bracelet models with a healing effect from quality materials. Despite this, each of the bracelet models has budget-friendly prices. You can also choose the bracelet designs for yourself and your loved ones in this collection.