How to Care for Your Jewellery


We strive to source the best quality materials and take great care while making your jewellery. The style of our pieces are dainty and delicate but they are strong and will hold up well to normal wear.

14K Gold Fill is layer of solid 14K Gold over a brass core. It's the next best alternative to solid gold and great for people with sensitive skin. It will last you years to come with proper care.

Please do not wear your gold fill jewellery while swimming or in the shower. Avoid contact with chemicals like chlorine, perfume etc. as these might discolour it beyond repair.

Sterling Silver will tarnish over time. Less quickly if worn regularly.

You can clean both 14K Gold Fill and Sterling Silver jewellery in warm soapy water but please ensure that it is rinsed thoroughly and fully dried before storing.
Alternatively widely available mini polish pads for gold and silver are brilliant for cleaning and bring the shine back to your jewellery.

Gemstones have varying level of hardness on the Mohs' Scale and harder ones might scratch softer ones. Please keep all jewellery separately, best in air-tight bags. Never use an ultrasonic cleaner. All natural gemstones are susceptible to damage by chemicals and prolonged exposure to water and sunlight. Turquoise, opals and pearls are porous and shouldn't be immersed in water for long. Opals should be kept away from hot and cold temperatures.