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May Birthstone: Emerald - Colour of Life!

There is no birthstone that represents life and vitality more than emeralds. The birthstone of May is known for its stunning deep green hues and brings so much vitality to the wearer. It brings out the colour of life!

The first known uses of emeralds were in Egypt, around 500 B.C. They were believed to be a favourite of Cleopatra, who wore them every chance that she got. They were seen as a sign of wealth and were worn by the rich to proclaim their elite status. People who were fortunate enough to possess emeralds would be blessed with fertile land, as well as healthy livestock that could nourish the whole village.

The heart chakra, also known as Anahata, is the fourth primary chakra. Located in the center of the chest, this chakra is believed to bring love and life to the soul. The heart chakra is the centre-most chakra, not only in terms of where it is on the body but in the general alignment of the 7 chakras.

Emerald comes to mind as a gift for people who were born in May. But it can always be considered as a wonderful gift to any friend. With its beautiful colour and its resemblance to love, friendship and life, it will make anyone very happy!

And as always, don’t forget yourselves! You deserve it…

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