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September Gift Ideas


September Birthstones: Sapphire and Lapis Lazuli!

September is one of the lucky months where people have not just one birthstone, but two. Sapphire and lapis lazuli is known as two beautiful blue gems, but sapphire actually comes in all colours except for red. Lapis lazuli comes in varying shades of deep blue, sometimes with indigo or green tints to it. Lapis lazuli is also well-known for the veins or specks of pyrite (fool’s gold) that run through it.

Sapphires are often referred to as the “wisdom stone”. They help the wearer to see things more clearly, so that they may become more balanced both emotionally and spiritually.

Just like sapphires, lapis lazuli can help to bring spiritual clarity to people. Wearing or being around lapis lazuli can help you to achieve enlightenment, and help you to see what your path in life is, whether you have gotten lost along the way or you never really found it in the first place.

We take care of everything to ensure that your birthstone jewellery gifts will be well appreciated. Please don’t forget yourselves! You deserve it…

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September Birthstones: Sapphire and Lapis Lazuli


Birthstone Jewellery at its best…

About Abiza and our genuine gemstones

We offer amazing birthstone jewellery with beautiful genuine gemstones and more, at the best prices. How is this possible?

  • All jewellery is ours. We are not a reseller, we don’t use any middle man.
  • We design our birthstone jewellery in Chester, UK. All gemstones are directly from Jaipur, India – the World’s Capital of Gemstones!
  • Always best materials available used.
  • With our full support and care!

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