Engraving Inspirations

Name Jewellery

signature name necklace

Have you ever considered wearing the name of the people you love as an accessory? When it comes to this situation, the first thing that comes to your mind is getting a tattoo. Instead of getting a tattoo, how about wearing the name of your family members, loved ones or pets as accessories? If you answer yes, you can find the most suitable models for your taste with various designs.

Some popular name pieces of jewellery include: >>

Actual Handwriting & Fingerprint


fingerprint necklace

Write something in your handwriting, for example, an excellent quote or the names of your loved ones... Then turn this handwriting into an accessory. In the same way, you can wear jewellery made of actual fingerprints. For instance, who can say no to a necklace made from the actual handwriting or fingerprint of the person they love?

Here are some actual handwriting and fingerprint accessories:

Initials / Letters

initials necklace

Letter accessories that reflect the light in your soul, allowing you to carry the words you want to remember throughout your life. You may want to carry a message written by your mother, sister or spouse as a bracelet or necklace.

Likewise, you will always want to carry jewellery consisting of the initials of the people you love. Your loved ones will always be by your side with initials and letter accessories, each designed differently.

Here are some initials and letters accessories:

Family Names / Dates / Coordinates / Text / Roman Numerals

interlocking circle necklace

It is possible to accessorize the names, dates and even coordinates that are important to you. You can carry the coordinate map of a city that you want to remember for life on your wrist. You can also engrave the name of each individual in your family on your necklace. You can carry the dates important to you on your ring with Roman numerals or modern numbers.

Some popular family names, dates, coordinates and texts include:

Birth Flower

birth flower necklace

Birth flowers are symbolic flowers that symbolize a person's birth, and each carries different meanings. The flower of each month is another and determines the character traits of the person born in that month. For example, June is a rose, while April is a daisy. February is violet, and December is daffodil.

Carrying your birth flower in accessories such as necklaces, rings, or earrings can also bring you good luck.

Here are some birth flower-designed accessories:

Zodiac, Star Map & Tarot

tarot card necklace

Star charts offer inferences about one's future. Your star chart may also differ depending on which zodiac sign you are from. Astrology is a field of interest that has taken place in human life for centuries. Even the Maya Civilization, Sumerians, Egyptians and Romans tried to interpret things by making astrological inferences.

Tarot, on the other hand, is a style of interpretation in which one's preferences determine one's fate. All these can also be described as the results of one's curiosity about the future.

Zodiac, star map and tarot-themed accessories will also enable you to carry the astrological symbols that represent you.

Here are some astrological-themed accessories:

Pet Memorial

pet memorial necklace

Our pets are our closest friends, our children and one of our most immediate family members. The unrequited love they offer us is extraordinary. You may also want to carry the memory of your pets in your home in some accessories.

Your cat's name, your dog's special stain, your pet's name... all these can find their way into your necklace or ring. You can express how much you love your pet friends, who have become your closest friends, with your accessories.

Here, some pet memorials include: