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We are young jewellery brand that has a very simple objective: We want to make you look good and feel better...

Simple, dainty, feminine…

Following the success we have achieved on our shop on Etsy (40,000+ sales) we thought it is time to start our own website so that we can connect directly with our buyers to get closer to our objective:

Making you look good and feel better!


We offer a wide range of jewellery. Each designed to ensure they will look great on you. Made using the best gemstones available for your jewellery, at the highest level of craftsmanship…

Always keeping you in the focus.


Jaipur, the capital of gemstones
Chester 2

We have a very well established setup that stretches between two world heritage cities: Jaipur and Chester.

Jaipur is one of the most important cities of India. Known as “Pink City” because of the amazing tones of pink it has. Jaipur is the World Capital of gemstones. Gemstones mined all over the world, are taken to Jaipur for cleaning, cutting. Then they are available in the market. Our team in Jaipur is at its heart, always in search for the best quality gemstones, at the right prices.

Chester has a significance in the History of United Kingdom. This beautiful city in Northwestern England hosts our Headquarters. We make our jewellery in Chester and all our shipments to you are handled through our Studio.

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