Abiza's necklaces series also includes elegant and stylish designs that suit all tastes. This collection, which has different representations and unique models, is at the forefront. You will also love the necklace models, each of which has a different design theme. You can find options suitable for your style in this collection, which has options such as diamond, opal, and sapphire.

      All the models in the necklace collection are handcrafted. All models with natural stone are handmade. You can also consider the necklace models we designed without sacrificing quality as a gift to your loved ones.

      Types of Necklaces and Prices

      Abiza offers you modern and elegant necklace types collection. In addition to diamond models embellished with stones, the collection includes necklaces containing natural stones. Chain necklace models usually have more sparkly designs. Colorful designs come to the fore in the models decorated with stones. The necklace prices list also includes options for every budget. We offer you necklace models that we produce from high-quality materials and stones, with a reasonable price guarantee. Although we use precious and semi-precious stones in our designs, we do not neglect to offer our customers budget-friendly options.

      Natural Stone Necklaces

      The natural stone necklaces collection includes the most popular designs of this category. Especially the designs with colorful necklaces are suitable for all tastes. You will love these models, which usually consist of the 7 chakra-themed crystals. You will be satisfied with the 7 chakra, raw crystal types, and pearl models. You can create stylish and elegant combinations with these specially designed models. You can choose these necklace designs in modern invitations and daily combinations. You will feel more special with necklace designs made of 100% natural stones.