About Us

Created with love…

Abiza jewellery is created from the heart. A lifelong passion of our designer, Aylin, each piece of jewellery made in our workshop is carefully designed using the best quality, ethically sourced produce.

Each piece is handmade at our workshop in Chester, England. Abiza’s jewellery is centred around stunning gemstones, mostly in their raw and natural form, giving a direct connection to the earth.

Sourcing the best gemstones from all over the World, our gemstone masters prepare them for you and our jewellery makers, using the best materials and bespoke design practices.

Bespoke and with feeling is how we like it. This means we can give you a wealth of choice and truly create something that not only looks stunning but is unique to you too. From ordering, our team works tirelessly to get your product looking perfect and to you quickly, meaning you can enjoy your new item sooner rather than later.

Our expert team is along every step of the journey. Whether it is help deciding what style or stone to choose here for you when you need help deciding. We are available if you think you should have bought a slightly different size. We are happy to help if you accidentally broke it and not having your best day. Just let us know if you needed to buy a present long ago but you realized you are so late!



Everything is mainly based on Aylin's amazing skills in imagining great products and making them reality through researching and finding best available materials. She makes beautiful jewellery for you.



Cenna and Tzia are very highly skilled and trained to fulfill your orders.



and Altug does the rest of the stuff. He is the one who sends your orders and most likely there is his name under any message you are getting from us.  



All of this happens in our Studio located in Chester, England. 

We sincerely put our best efforts to ensure you are perfectly happy with Abiza both in your shopping experience and while you enjoy our jewellery everyday. 

In case of any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Abiza (UK) Ltd.

Company Reg No: 07755032

VAT No: 264108812