Gemstone Jewellery


      Gemstone Jewellery, Handcrafted, Natural...

      Abiza's gemstone jewellery collection is handcrafted with genuine precious and semi-precious natural stones in the UK. Treat yourself and your loved ones to unique beautiful jewellery.

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      Gemstone Jewellery

      Abiza's gemstone jewellery collection can appeal to all tastes with its aesthetic and stylish designs. Jewellery produced using natural stones is included in this selection with elegant and, at the same time energetic designs. Abiza Jewellery is often preferred because of its uniqueness. You can use jewellery that you will feel unique just for you in every moment of your life. Thanks to the gemstone jewellery designs in Abiza's unique selection, you can catch the elegance. Modern and classic designs can accompany you in any environment.

      Gemstone Models and Prices

      The gemstone jewellery models in the collection are produced from natural and colored stones. This unique selection has precious and semi precious stone models such as coral, topaz, amethyst, diamond, emerald, and garnet. Gemstone models are priced according to the value and treatment of the stone. The number of stones used in the collection, consisting of bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings, can also affect the price.

      Handmade Gemstones

      Gemstone jewellery collection is produced without fabrication methods. Models decorated with handcrafted stones are the result of fine craftsmanship. Handmade stones, which are the products of jewellery craftsmen, gained their aesthetic appearance in this way. Gemstone jewellery models combine modern and classic designs. These designs, created by professional jewellery masters, suit all tastes. Whatever your style is, you can choose the jewellery in the collection.

      What Are Natural Stones Good For?

      Natural stones are ores that nature offers us, which significantly affect the human body. Gemstone jewellery designs also have different results according to the stone used. For example, amethyst stone has a relaxing effect. In the same way, coral stone gives peace and regulates respiration. Gemstones from nature also have an important place in terms of aesthetics. You can also benefit from the elegance and healing effects of these stones.