Raw and Genuine Rings

      High-quality rings. Handcrafted, genuine raw gemstones and birthstones with silver, gold and rose gold finishes.

      Abiza's genuine rings collection has a wide range of products. This selection has stylish and modern designs, including 100% raw rings models. These models, which we call natural stone rings, are very fashionable. You should also know that the ring models in our collection are high-quality and hand-crafted designs. Our genuine rings collection includes designs made of precious and semi-precious stones. These designs are models for all tastes and can be used with any combination. Silver, Gold and Rose Gold Plated Handmade Rings In our selection of genuine rings, designs made of different materials come to the fore. For example, silver rings models are among the most popular methods in this category. Likewise, gold rings models are one of the most preferred ring designs of the collection. In addition, gold plated rings designs are among the high-quality models in the selection. When it comes to raw and handmade rings designs, you can always choose Abiza's collections. Abiza, an expert in genuine rings designs, is famous for its designs for all tastes. Types of Handmade Natural Stone Rings Each of the models in the genuine rings collection is handmade. The selection of genuine rings, produced by master jewellery designers, offers ring models embellished with natural stones. Elegant designs include topaz, pearl, moonstone, amethyst, and emerald gemstones. There are many different designs in this collection, which appeal to people with taste. Fine craft is always applied in Abiza's handmade models. We are sure that you will love the carefully prepared ring designs. Ring models that you can choose for yourself and your loved ones are budget-friendly.