April Birthstone: Diamond and Clear Quartz

April Birthstone: Diamond and Clear Quartz

Raw Diamond and Clear Quartz

People born in April should consider themselves incredibly lucky, due to the fact that they have two birthstones, clear quartz, and diamond. To the untrained eye, these precious stones may look very similar, but they are in fact incredibly different, with different spiritual values.

Healing Properties

Clear quartz is known to be one of the most powerful stones, due to the fact that it can help to heal any physical ailment. This is because it helps to draw negative and harmful toxins out of the body, purifying the wearer and cleansing them. It doesn’t affect any specific part of the body or improve health in any kind of guided way, rather it helps to heal wherever needed. Wearing clear quartz will make anyone who experiences sickness feel free of such a heavy physical burden, allowing them to begin their process of healing.

The purity of diamonds helps them to detoxify the body, and get rid of any harsh physical particles that are inhabiting the body. This clarity can also serve to improve eyesight and reduce the effects of eye conditions such as glaucoma. It helps to keep the wearer’s metabolism on track, ensuring the body has a great supply of energy so that you can get the most out of each day. Diamond is also believed to be a help to build strength, endurance and stamina, not just physically but also mentally. It provides the wearer with the knowledge that their body is capable of pushing through anything.

Association with Chakras

Both diamond and clear quartz are believed to have strong ties to the crown chakra. This is the seventh chakra, and it helps to connect individuals to the universe. By opening your mind and consciousness, you can become more attuned to the world around you. Clear quartz and diamonds help the wearer to establish and strengthen these connections, not just in spirituality, but love and knowledge as well.

Because the crown chakra is the seventh chakra, and the one at the crown of the head, it also helps to facilitate the flow of universal energy through the other six chakras. Clear quartz and diamonds can help to cleanse not only the crown chakra but make it so powerful that all of the other chakras experience a profound awakening as well. Diamond or clear quartz jewellery that is worn around the head or neck (such as earrings or a necklace) may create the strongest chakra response, as they are much closer to the crown. However because they have an opening and purifying effect on all of the chakras, jewellery on other parts of the body will still create beneficial connections. Even quartz decorations in rooms can help to bring a sense of peace and trust between people, thanks to its power.

The act of giving

Gifting your loved ones their birthstones is always a great idea. We take care of everything to ensure that your gifts will be well appreciated. Please don't forget yourselves! You deserve it...

> What is April Birthstone?

April Birthstone is Diamond. Clear Quartz is also considered to be April's birthstone.

> What Colour is April birthstone?

April Birthstones Diamond and Clear Quartz are colourless.

> Properties of April Birthstone

April Birthstones are associated with Crown Chakra.


Endurance * Strength * Courage * Abundance * Balance * Clarity
Enhances Love

Herkimer Diamond

Stone of Attunement * Balance * Peace * Serenity
Keeps negativity away

Clear Quartz

Master Healer * Creativity * Energy * Wisdom * Clarity


Clear quartz has been found in abundance all over the world and has a deep and rich history. Greeks name the stone “kystallos”, which translates to ice. They believed that clear quartz was simply ice that could not be melted. The Romans and Greeks would create rings out of clear quartz, as they believed that it would help to keep the body cool in hot weather. In Japan, the stone was seen as a physical manifestation of purity, due to its stunning clear and perfect nature.

Diamonds are known to be one of the toughest natural substances on earth, so it’s no wonder they have managed to survive for centuries. The earliest use of diamonds has been dated back to around 400 B.C. The gems were found in the rivers of India and worn by royalty and the wealthy elite. They were always believed to be powerful and were used as protection during wartime. It was believed they could fend off even the most vicious of attacks and would offer healing powers to those who got hurt.

Diamonds were then found and mined in Brazil in the early 18th century, but it wasn’t until their discovery in Africa that diamonds really rose to fame. This stone is now a must-have for engagement rings. The most popular and well-known diamonds are clear, but this precious stone can be found in a range of different hues, some even more expensive and rare than white diamonds.

Spiritual Properties

Clear quartz helps to bring clarity to your energy and unlock your natural wisdom and creativity. If you are someone who gets stuck overthinking and clouding your psyche with unnecessary stress, clear quartz can help to unblock that. The path to success starts with a clear mind, and peaceful, intentional energy. Quartz helps to realign the wearer’s focus so that they can excel in everything that they do.

It is also believed that clear quartz can help to magnify the calling of your soul. If you speak your spiritual desire into the crystal, the crystal will then place that intention out into the universe, bringing it to you. This makes it a powerful tool because it is not confined to any specific desires. Whether you dream of love or success, the clear quartz helps to manifest it. If you are someone who believes in the power of prayer or affirmations, the quartz can amplify those thoughts, so that they may come true.

Diamonds are believed to bring clarity and peace to the wearer. The stone is so pure, that it helps to dispel negative energy, leaving only light and serenity. Just like clear quartz, this stone acts as an amplifier, multiplying the thoughts and feelings you place out into the world. They bring balance to the wearer when they need it most, allowing them to be reminded that light and dark can coexist.

Diamonds are also known to be unbreakable. Their strength is felt by the wearer, who may experience greater determination and drive. For someone who feels broken or lost, the presence of diamonds can help them to remember their inner strength, that comes not only from them, but the universe surrounding them. This is also partly why they are given as a symbol of everlasting love. It represents a bond so strong that it cannot be broken.

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