Turquoise, Tanzanite and Blue Topaz - December Birthstones

Turquoise, Tanzanite and Blue Topaz - December Birthstones

What are December Birthstones?

December Birthstones are Turquoise, Tanzanite and Blue Topaz. They are powerful gemstones and have healing powers and the ability to balance your chakras. Also find links to beautiful rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings made by these precious gemstones.

Origins of Turquoise, Tanzanite and Blue Topaz

Some of the December Birthstones are very old and used traditionally whereas some of them are discovered in the previous century.

Turquoise has been used for centuries as a favoured gem across the globe. It is the national gem of Tibet, and evidence of turquoise carvings have been found in China dating back more than 3,000 years ago. Native Americans also used the gem for a number of different purposes. The stone was used as an adornment in jewellery but also placed on weapons in order to provide warriors with greater power and more accuracy when they fought or hunted.

Tanzanite is perhaps one of the more newly-discovered gems, having only been found in 1967. The stone is named after the only location it is found in, Tanzania. The stone was discovered by the local Masai tribe, and people initially believed they had found sapphires until they realised it was an entirely new gem. To this day, the deep blue/purple stone can only be found in a small 20-mile area near Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Blue is just one of the many shades that topaz can be found in, but these cool-toned gems have their own origin story. Blue topaz is the most popular shade of the topaz family, and it was originally found on the Greek island of Topazos, hence the gem’s name. Blue topaz has always been highly revered, especially within the Hindu religion. For Hindus, topaz symbolises heat, and it is the sacred stone of the Kalpa tree.

Healing Properties of December Birthstones

All December Birthstones have healing properties:

Turquoise is a great stone that provides a number of different health benefits to those that need them. It is capable of drawing unhealthy and unwanted toxins from the body, helping to purify different systems within the body, resulting in an overall healthier appearance and feel. Turquoise is also good for those who live in places that have high levels of pollution - it helps to prevent pollutants from remaining within the body so that they cannot cause damage. Turquoise can also aid with the absorption of good nutrients, which can actively aid in providing the wearer with feelings of better physical health.

Tanzanite is perfect for those who are in the recovery stages of an illness or disease. This precious stone has the ability to speed up the body’s immune response, allowing wearers to recover faster. It also acts as a protectant, helping to ensure that the body doesn’t succumb to the same ailment again. Tanzanite is great for people with compromised immune systems, or for those who find themselves constantly struggling with symptoms of a cold or the flu.

Blue topaz is a stone that can help people who experience a lot of stress and anxiety. It helps to introduce a powerful calming energy, allowing the wearer to feel more relaxed. This stone is also great for aiding with eating disorders and digestion issues. The stone helps to connect the mind and the body, focusing on potential mental causes of the disorder, as well as helping to fix the physical effects. It can regulate your metabolism and reducing feelings of bloating and indigestion.

Balance your Chakras

These December birthstones have ties to a range of different chakras, all in the upper region of the body. Tanzanite is associated with the crown chakra, also known as the seventh chakra and responsible for supporting total enlightenment. Wearing tanzanite can help you to align your soul and mind with the universe. This is a great stone for providing clarity, especially for those who feel lost or purposeless.

The third eye chakra helps people who are seeking wisdom and truth. If you are struggling with understanding information or feeling lost and confused, it may be because your third eye chakra has become blocked or has fallen out of alignment. It is believed that by aligning and opening your third eye, you can clearly see your own personal truth, allowing you to become fearless as you walk through life. Tanzanite and topaz are both great for those who are maybe scared of the future or the uncertainty that a major life change can bring.

The throat chakra is associated with communication, and being able to speak clearly, as well as present yourself authentically. Often people who find themselves being unable to get their point across to others or feel as though they are not being listened to may be struggling with a blocked throat chakra. Blue topaz and turquoise can help you to not only understand your own thoughts and feelings better but to better express them to others. For those who really struggle with a blocked throat chakra, wearing these gems close to the neck can have the greatest effect.


Those who are born in December are lucky enough to have three stunning birthstones, each with their own beautiful cool shades. Although they are very similar, they each provide their own unique support.

Spiritual Properties

Turquoise, tanzanite and blue topaz are all incredibly spiritual stones, and they each offer the wearer so much support in different ways. Turquoise is known to help provide clarity, allowing you to clearly see your dreams and goals, but also see the truth in others. Turquoise also enables you to communicate more transparently, allowing others to better understand you. This is a great stone for those who are seeking to better understand the world, or to have others see you the way that you believe is true.

Tanzanite also helps with clarity, but it is more focused on spirituality, and combining the mind and the physical body. Tanzanite can help you to become more attuned to the universe, and help you with meditation, which can also help to strengthen spiritual awareness. It is a great stone for those who are seeking inspiration, allowing you to unlock creative potential and to stimulate artistic expression and desire, in any and every form.

Blue topaz is a beautiful stone that helps to attract calming energies to the wearer. If you are struggling with heightened levels of stress and anxiety, blue topaz can help to minimize these feelings, and increase a sense of calmness. This stone also helps by bringing more positive feelings of happiness and joy, from around you and within you. It can also help you to make tough decisions, whether these are related to work, relationships, or any other facet of life. Blue topaz can help by providing the insight you need to make an informed choice that is right for you.

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