Birthstones for every month. Find out the significance of yours.

Birthstones for every month. Find out the significance of yours.

Discover which birthstone is yours and why wearing them is good for the soul

Birthstones have been around for a very long time and the best part is they were not created by a marketing department looking for ways to sell more gems. On the contrary, their origins are far more interesting and symbolic. There is a birthstone for every month of the year and some months have multiple birthstones. Some birthstones relate to the zodiac signs. There are even lists of modern and traditional birthstones. If you’re looking for your birthstone and to discover its meaning or you’re looking for that perfectly unique present for a loved one then read on.

What Is a Birthstone? What Jewellery Is It Used in?

These stones are thought to bring luck or balance to the person. Birthstone varieties, one of the most popular accessories of the last period, include 12 different natural stones in total. It is possible to come across these stones in necklaces and jewelry such as bracelets and earrings.

What is the origin of Birthstones?

The origin of birthstones can be traced back to the Bible. In Exodus 28 the focus turns to Aaron, who was the High Priest of Hebrews. Moses gave instructions to create a special breastplate for Aaron which would contain 12 precious gemstones. This breastplate of Aaron with its 12 gemstones represented the twelve tribes of Israel.

It is believed these twelve stones were linked to the twelve zodiac signs and then the months of the year. The signs of the zodiac straddle the months, so that does open up the possibility of choosing a different month’s stone should you feel the zodiac means more to you – or perhaps you just prefer the stone in that month!

What are the properties of birthstones?

As there are so many different cultures across the world, it was inevitable that different associations would be attached to each birthstone. This means that it is possible to find a different list of birthstones and their properties in various cultures. However, there is a fairly definitive list that most jewellers agree upon which makes up the twelve or so most common birthstones.

Each birthstone is believed to hold certain properties or bring different energies to the wearer. Some of these include good fortune, courage, good luck, love and healing powers. Wearing your birthstone is a way of linking yourself to the month, the zodiac and the nature of the stones themselves. In this regard, wearing your birthstone is not just about wearing a pretty piece of jewellery, but rather connecting yourself to your symbolic history.

A birthstone is as commonly connected as saying “I was born in April, so am an Aries, my birthstone is a diamond”.

What is the difference between modern and traditional birthstones? Each month has its birthstone, many of which are expensive renowned stones, but there are two diverged lists that have a few interesting reasons behind their differences. The traditional list is full of instantly recognisable stones and even pearls, whereas the modern list has offered replacements for some traditional stones and the pearl, often replacing with transparent gems that are more common or easily accessible. This modern list may have been created due to the fashion of linking stones together in jewellery for families, such as mother rings which feature the birthstones of their children combined. Or it may have simply been to do with price and making sure in the modern world, everyone can have access to their birthstone at a price they can afford.

List of Modern vs Traditional Birthstones

Birthstone Month Modern Traditional
January Garnet Stone of passion Energy - Sexuality - Stability - Love - Success Garnet
February Amethyst Stone of Intuition Grounding - Calming - Balancing - Absorbs negative energy Amethyst
March Aquamarine Stone of Love and Spirituality Courage - Intuition - Wisdom - Good luck - Compession Bloodstone
April Diamond & Clear Quartz Herkimer Diamond Stone of Attunement Balance - Peace - Serenity - Keeps negativity away Diamond Endurance - Strength - Courage - Abundance - Balance - Clarity - Enhances Love Clear Quartz Mater Healer - Energy - Creativity - Wisdom - Clarity Diamond
May Emerald Stone of Successful Love Friendship - Insight - Patience - Vitality - Youth Emerald
June Pearl or Moonstone Moonstone Stone of New Beginnings Feminity - Fertility - Serenity - Protection - Inner Growth Pearl Stone of Sincerity Purity - Innocence - Faith - Loyalty - Fertility Pearl
July Ruby Self Confidence - Love - Motivation - Concentration - Courage - Vitality Ruby
August Peridot Confidence Booster Love - Happiness - Joy - Prosperity - Reduce Stress Sardonyx
September Sapphire or Lapis Lazuli Sapphire Stone Of Wisdom Calm - Focus - Balance - Lightness - HappinessLapis Lazuli Enlightenment - Concentration - Self Awareness - Control of Anger and Rage Sapphire
October Opal and Tourmaline Fire Opal Happiness - Abundance - Self Confidence - Positivity - Emotional and Spiritual Healer Watermelon Tourmaline Unconditional Love - Peace - Hope - Joy - Vitality - Lightness Opal
November Topaz or Citrine Imperial Topaz Stone of Good Fortune Energy - Strength - Faith - Confidence - ManifestationCitrine Stone of Imagination Prosperity - Wealth - Success - Creativity - Self Expression Topaz
December Turquoise,  Tanzanite, Blue Topaz Turquoise Stone of Truth Inner Wisdom - Energy - Enhances CommunicationTanzanite Stone of Magic Mediation - Creativity - Spirituality - De-Stress Turquoise

January Birthstone is Garnet

Garnet birthstone for JanuaryIf you are born in January, then you have the beautiful garnet gemstone as your birthstone. This is most commonly found in shades of red but can come in other colours too. The garnet birthstone is synonymous with creativity, passion and self-growth. Garnet is also associated with the root chakra which can help remove negative energy from your body. Above all the garnet is a naturally beautiful stone that looks amazing in all types of jewellery. Discover more about January Birthstone Garnet in our blog.

Birthstone for February is Amethyst

Raw Amethyst Necklace - February BirthstoneThe Amethyst is a very interesting and beautiful crystal. It comes in a range of purple hues from the deepest to the almost transparent. It is a natural crystal but can also be made in a laboratory. Natural crystals are increasingly rare and very desirable. The plentiful synthetic crystals although beautiful, do not possess the natural energy of real crystals. Amethysts can help with stress, balance, anxiety and a whole range of mental health issues. They also offer a lovely calming aura. Discover our February Birthstone blog to learn all about your purple royal stone and find the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Birthstone for March is Aquamarine

Raw Aquamarine Necklace, March BirthstoneIf you are born in March, you are lucky enough to have a stone of love as your birthstone. Not only is it a beautiful ocean colour that sparkles within any type of jewellery, but it also has major significance on the health of your throat. Connecting to improved communication with the world around you. This is why you’ll see so many people wearing aquamarine necklaces. Aquamarine was also the treasure of mermaids in ancient folklore and can symbolise good luck. Discover more in our March Birthstone blog and find the perfect aquamarine necklace for yourself or your loved one.

Birthstone for April is Diamond and Clear Quartz

herkimer Diamond Necklace - April birthstoneApril birthdays bring perhaps the most well-known birthstone of all, the diamond. Lucky! Wearing a diamond (apart from all the material significance it is already famous for) can help the wearer with creating better relationships and improve their inner strength. Diamonds can also help bring balance and abundance. There is however another birthstone for April. The Clear Quartz. This beautiful stone can look very similar to a diamond but is very different, with different spiritual values attached. Clear Quartz is one of the most powerful stones as it has incredible healing properties. Learn more in our April Birthstones blog and see our stunning jewellery range.

May’s Birthstone is Emerald

emerald-square-bar-necklace-may-birthstoneIf you are born in May, the incredibly beautiful emerald is your birthstone. Nothing represents life and vitality better than emeralds. You can expect the stunning range of green hues to fill you with vitality every time they are worn. Emeralds are also closely linked to the heart, so you can enjoy greater spirituality along with the improved physical health of your heart, which is, after all, a life force of its own. Discover our May Birthstones blog to learn more about emerald birthstones, chakras and their properties. You’ll also find some stunning emerald jewellery too.

Birthstone for June is Pearl, Alexandrite or Moonstone

Moonstone, June BirthstoneThere are few more romantic or pretty additions to jewellery than pearls. Grown by oysters on the ocean floor these are forever popular because of their natural beauty. Pearl has significance for its pure and divine nature, making it a helpful spiritual guide and reviving innocence. Moonstone has a cloudy nature, an adularescent effect giving the feeling of the moon behind clouds. Moonstones help the wearer exude love and strength, something they will receive back in kind. They are also an excellent stone to meditate with, helping with balance and clarity. Alexandrite is the rarest stone on the birthstone list and carries a price to reflect this. The only other month to have three birthstones is December. Often the reason for this is the rarity of some of the birthstones on the list and making sure everyone can have their birthstone accessible. Learn all about June’s birthstones in our blog and discover our range of beautiful moonstone jewellery.

Birthstone for July is Ruby

Ruby Drop Necklace - July BirthstoneThere is nothing quite like a deep red ruby, so if you are a July birthday you have one of the most expensive natural gems in existence as your birthstone. Rubies are known to have powerful healing properties. Rubies are also linked to love and passion, so these aforementioned healing properties are focussed on healing emotional imbalance and replacing negative energies with positive ones. Their deep red colour also has significance for your heart and blood’s health, which in turn affects the rest of your organs. In short, they are a powerful stone indeed. Read the full list of benefits in our July Birthstone blog and find the perfect Ruby jewellery gift.

Birthstone for August is Peridot and Spinel

Peridot Square Bar Necklace - August - BirthstoneThe two birthstones for August come in a variety of colours. Peridot is a beautiful lime green colour that sparkles in the light. Spinel comes in a selection of colours and was only added to the list in 2016, so is a very new addition. Peridots can be mistaken for emeralds and are one of the oldest precious stones. It is believed that Cleopatra probably wore some peridots instead of emeralds, whether knowingly or not. The Peridot comes in a variety of shades of green making it a brilliant gem to make jewellery with. The Peridot is associated with the health of the mind, so is a great birthstone for improving your well-being. Learn more from our August Birthstones blog and see the beautiful selection of Peridot jewellery we create.

Birthstone for September is Sapphire

sapphire-pendant-necklace-september-birthstoneThe September birthstone is a glorious blue sapphire. Although sapphires come in different colours such as pink and orange too. More recently the stone Lapis Lazuli was added to the modern list of birthstones too. Sapphires are seen as a wisdom stone, helping the wearer to see things more clearly. They also are a force for positivity, happiness and success. Lapis Lazuli is also a blue gem that has pyrite (fool’s gold) within it, either in small veins or as specks. Lapis Lazuli can represent wealth and status, often seen in Egyptian and Roman civilisations. This stone can help with concentration and clarity, soothing the mind to help you find the path forward. Visit our September Birthstones blog to be dazzled by blues and choose the perfect gift or present for yourself.

Birthstones for October are Opal and Tourmaline

watermelon-tourmaline-bracelet-october-birthstone Opals are a truly beautiful birthstone. They have kaleidoscopic colours due to the diffraction of light. The Opal will diffract white light entering it from above, this light is then reflected the top of the stone in a rainbow of colour. Opals represent emotional strength and creativity and also offer the power of good luck to their owner. Tourmaline comes in many colours and was sometimes mistaken for other expensive stones like rubies and emeralds. They offer wearers clarity of thought to help them follow their dreams, re-balancing the mind to enhance creativity. The stone is also known as a source of joy which is surely one of its best traits. Uncover more at our October Birthstones blog and see our colourful and creative range of October birthstone jewellery.

Birthstone for November is Topaz and Citrine

imperial-topaz-necklace-november-bithstone There are two birthstones for November, both equally beautiful. Citrine is a vibrant yellow that is often associated with positive energy and optimism. Citrine is a member of the quartz family but is very rare. As Amethyst is also from the quartz family, it is often heat-treated to create the same yellow colour as Citrine. So, often the Citrine you see is not Citrine at all, but Amethyst. Topaz comes in many colours, but the most popular are purple, blue, red and pink. It is well-liked among jewellers as it is a very pretty stone with a variety of colour options. Topaz signifies faithfulness and loyalty. See our selection of beautiful Topaz jewellery See our selection of stunning Citrine jewellery Visit our Nobember Birthstones blog to dream with yellows and choose the perfect gift or present for yourself.

Birthstone for December is Turquoise, Tanzanite and Blue Topaz

blue-topaz-necklace - December Birthstone If you are lucky enough to be born in December, you have three birthstones to choose from. These three tend towards the blue spectrum and each carries a different meaning. Turquoise is a popular gemstone that is often looked at as a love charm, protective amulet and a symbol of good fortune and success. It can also help relax the mind. Blue Zircon is a very pretty stone and symbolises energy, prosperity and confidence. It is also thought to help aid sleep and ward off evil. Finally, Tanzanite is the baby of the three having only been discovered in 1967 on Mount Kilimanjaro. It has rapidly grown in popularity and signifies truth and dignity. Discover our exquisite Tanzanite collection Explore our evocative Turquoise collection Discover our December Birthstone blog to learn all about Origins of Turquoise, Tanzanite and Blue Topaz and how they help you with their healing properties.

Why birthstones are the perfect present

For every month of the year, there is a choice of birthstone. You could even adapt your choice based on the signs of the zodiac which cross over multiple months. This means you have a real choice in selecting a birthstone that you love and has much greater significance than just its beauty. Birthstones connect the wearer to a symbolic history related to their birth date, with each stone also having positive properties and chakras to pass onto the wearer. Buying jewellery for a loved one is very significant, but buying jewellery that features their birthstone is even more than that. It is personal, thoughtful and beautiful. Everything a perfect present should be. Visit Abiza to explore our range of beautiful gemstone jewellery.

Different and Attractive Birthstone Bracelet Models

Birthstone bracelet models are an elegant gift. These bracelets symbolize the month your loved one was born and are unique designs that attract everyone's attention. Moreover, different types of these bracelet models suit all tastes.  You can also buy bracelet models made of natural stones to make your loved ones happy. Moreover, these bracelet models can be preferred both in daily combinations and in more elegant combinations. Those who want to buy a nice gift without risk can choose these bracelet models.

Birthstone Earring Models

Birthstone earring models are also among the trendiest jewelry designs of the last period. Elegant and stylish earrings represent the month in which the person was born. It is also thought that these earring models bring balance to one's life. Moreover, elegant earring designs are models suitable for every style and can be used with any combination. You can look at these elegant earring models for yourself and your loved ones.

Birthstone Necklace Models

Birthstone necklace types are also unique designs that symbolize 12 months. You can also buy necklace models produced according to the birth month. Moreover, you can consider birthstone necklace models as gifts to your loved ones. Birthstone designs are one of the most beautiful gift options among personalized gifts. You can find the most beautiful and elegant necklace models in our store.

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