Guide to Necklace Models

Guide to Necklace Models

Necklaces are one of the most preferred accessories among jewelry designs.  Necklaces have always been the ideal pieces to complete your daily combinations. Whatever your style, we're sure you'll find suitable models for you. For this, we wanted to prepare a necklace model guide for you.

How Do I Choose The Necklace That Best Suits My Neck?

First, you need to decide if a necklace is a suitable option for you. The human body can have physical characteristics that vary from person to person. You also want the accessory you wear around your neck to look beautiful. For this, you need to pay attention to the tips listed below.

  • Before purchasing a necklace, it will be helpful to measure your neck with the help of a tape measure. This way, the chain length will be in harmony with your neck.
  • When you measure your neck, you also need to find the length of the necklace. When choosing standard necklaces, you should ensure that it is at least 5 cm/2″ longer than your neck.
  • If you have a wide neck, the length of the necklace should be 8-10 cm/3-4″ longer than the length of your neck.
  • When choosing longer necklaces, you should also pay attention that the necklace has a minimum length of 45 cm/17″.

How Should I Choose The Necklace Length?

While looking at the option of the necklace, the necklace length should also have a specific ratio. The standard and most popular necklace lengths vary between 45-60 cm/17-23″. However, the size of the necklace can also vary according to the style and taste of the person. For example, people who like long chain necklace models should look at necklaces with chains between 70-90 cm/27-35″.

Which Gemstone Necklaces Should I Choose?

Gemstone necklaces are among the most trendy models of the last period. You can also consider birthstone options when choosing a necklace model covered with gemstone. You can select a necklace suitable for the natural stone of the month you were born.

In addition, you can choose the models that are most compatible with your daily combinations. Our store has different models, both minimalist and with more gemstones.

Gemstone models can also offer models with longer chains, such as pendant necklaces. In addition, cubic zirconia necklaces models can often contain gemstones. You can find the models that best suit your style among the options.

Things to Consider When Making A Personalised Necklace

Personalised necklaces have always been one of the most preferred options among custom-made products. Personalised jewelry models are also ideal for making your loved ones happy. You should pay attention to some details when choosing custom-made necklace types.

Personalised products often include birth dates, birthstones, family trees, zodiac signs, and pet-themed designs. While looking at necklace models for yourself, you can choose birthstone or birth date-themed designs. You can also select necklaces with handwritten names.

If you want to buy personalised designs as a gift, then you need to determine the designs that best reflect the person you will receive the gift. For example, if the person you will receive a gift has a pet, a cat or dog paw model may be the right choice. In addition, necklaces with names printed on them also have a popular place among souvenirs.

Minimalist Necklaces

Minimalist necklaces include both stylish and exquisite designs for all tastes. Minimalist designs are the ideal options for those who love elegant necklace models. Usually linked with a thin chain, these models use gold, rose gold or silver chains. The chain length of some models may be in the range of 70-90 cm/27-35″. However, designs with a standard necklace length of 45 cm/17″ come to the fore.

You can visit our page for our personalised necklace models. (Note: We would like to emphasise that we cannot exchange and return personalised necklaces)

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