Is A Bracelet Used As An Anklet?

Is A Bracelet Used As An Anklet?

The anklet is one of the most popular and, at the same time, exotic accessories that both women and men can use. The exotic side of this accessory is that it comes from eastern culture. Just like a bracelet, this accessory is worn on the wrist. But an anklet is a different accessory worn on the ankle rather than the wrist. This accessory, which has been used since ancient times, was a piece of jewellery preferred by women in the first place, but today it is also preferred by men.

What Is An Anklet? - History of the Anklet

An anklet bracelet is an accessory that started to be used in 2000 BC. It is known that this accessory was used in cultures such as Indian, Arab and Egyptian. This accessory, generally preferred by women, has taken on the task of being a kind of wedding ring. According to popular belief, this accessory is used by engaged women.

The accessory worn on the ankle was also used to symbolize growth. This accessory, widely used in Indian culture, became fashionable in other continents. Anklets for women models are usually made of gold or precious stones. These designs, which are bohemian accessories, started to be preferred by men in the following years.

On Which Wrist Is The Anklet Worn?

This accessory has a slightly wobbly design that fits around the ankle. Although the accessory is usually worn on the right ankle, it is also suitable for the left ankle. So when you wear an anklet, it doesn't matter which ankle you wear. It is only vital to ensure that the accessory looks nice on the ankle.

How Long Should The Anklet Be?

The anklet length may vary according to the thickness of the ankle of the person. But this accessory must be loose. Thus, the slack of the accessory worn on the ankle may be a little too much. A 2-3 finger slack is ideal for this accessory, which is different from a bracelet. When using an anklet, it is necessary not to wrap the ankle completely. Such accessories are dangling and must be loose designs.

What Does An Ankle Bracelet Mean?

The anklet is a type of accessory known as an ankle bracelet. This accessory, also preferred in modern times, has been one of the most famous jewellery pieces of ancient times. The ankle bracelet is a design often used in India's geography. The meaning of this design is also to show that women are procreating. At the same time, it was seen that this accessory was preferred in Iran and Anatolia. It is thought that this accessory, which was frequently used during the Ottoman Empire, was used to indicate that the woman was engaged.

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