What Are The Metals Used in Jewellery?

What Are The Metals Used in Jewellery?

Jewellery metals usually include gold and silver. However, platinum, copper, bronze, tin and bell metal are also used in some jewellery. Metals such as gold, silver and platinum make jewellery more valuable. Moreover, since these metals are 100% compatible with human metabolism, they do not cause an allergic reaction.

What Are The Most Common Metals Used in Jewellery?

Among jewellery metals, precious metals such as platinum, gold and silver come to the fore the most. Especially gold and silver are used more frequently in jewellery design. Although platinum is preferred in many jewellery pieces, it is not as popular as gold and silver.

In less valuable jewellery, cheap metals such as copper and tin are generally used. Metals such as copper and tin are also preferred in many accessories, making them accessory affordable.

Gold, silver and copper alloys may also be preferred in some jewellery. Metals prepared as alloys can also make jewellery more affordable. Jewellery made from alloy metals includes designs such as necklace alloys, bracelets and earrings.

What Is A Mixture of Gold and Silver Called?

As mentioned above, mixing two or more metals by melting is called an alloy. The alloying process is generally applied to metals such as gold and silver. Some inexpensive metals, such as copper or tin, can be added to the gold and silver alloy. It is also possible to produce precious jewels from a mixture of metals such as gold and silver. However, this jewellery is not as valuable as jewellery made of pure gold. However, alloy jewellery is also often preferred.

Alloying isn't just for metals like gold and silver. For example, copper or nickel can also be found in platinum rings.

jewelery collection
jewelery collection

What Is the Most Valuable Jewellery Metal?

Among the jewellery metals, the most valuable are metals such as gold, silvery titanium and platinum. Of course, gold is the most valuable of these metals in the jewellery category. Gold is known as the most precious metal of all time.

Gold, the most precious of jewellery metals, does not rust and never wears out. In other words, it is possible to use jewellery made of pure gold for many years. Metals such as silver, nickel, platinum or copper are also often used in gold jewellery. Since gold is a costly metal on its own, it is more common to use it by alloying it.

Gold Silver Copper Which Is More Valuable?

Gold, which stands out among jewellery metals, is the most valuable among silver and copper. Silver is next in the jewellery metals list. Copper is a very cheap metal when compared to metals such as gold and silver. Copper is often used in jewellery with precious stones.

How to Tell If a Piece of Jewellery Is Gold or Not?

Gold, among the jewellery metals, is used in many precious jewels. So, how do we know if a jewel contains gold? It is easiest to consult an expert to find out if there is gold in the jewellery. At the same time, methods such as nitric acid test or density test can be applied.

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