What Is Gold Plated Jewelry? Things to Pay Attention

What Is Gold Plated Jewelry? Things to Pay Attention

Gold plated jewelry is one of the accessories suitable for every taste that has always managed to become a trend. These accessories, preferred for daily use or in stylish combinations, are the most crucial complement to clothes. Gold plated jewelry models consist of jewelry sets or single accessory options.

If you are also interested in gold plating accessories, it will be helpful to know the comments of jewelry designers about these accessories. This article will tell you what you need to know about gold plated jewelry.

What Are the Differences Between Gold Plating and Gold Vermeil?

To learn about gold plated jewelry, you first must master the two most confusing concepts. Gold plated jewelry is a term used for 100% plated accessories. In these accessories, there is indeed a coating material made of gold. In other words, when you buy a gold plated accessory, you need to know that there is real gold in that accessory. Gold Vermeil is a gold plating technique where a gold layer with minimum thickness of 2.5 microns is coated onto a Sterling Silver base. For more information about Gold Vermeil, you can read our article What is Gold Vermeil.

Why Should I Prefer Gold Plated Jewelry?

Gold plated jewelry is a type of accessory made of real gold and contains many gold particles. But of course, it would not be correct to say that gold plated accessories consist of 100% gold. Gold plated jewelry is formed by processing real gold into accessories through specific processes.

Gold plated accessories are always one of the most preferred jewelries in terms of quality and price. Moreover, these accessories include models for every taste. Whether you have a bohemian or a more elegant style, you can choose gold plated accessories in both cases. In addition, you can use these accessories both in unique invitations or celebrations and in daily combinations.

Gold plated jewelry options are also quality products and offer a long-term guarantee. You can continue using the gold plated accessories you purchased for many years without any deterioration. You can choose gold plated models, which do not change in color and do not darken, in all weather conditions in the summer and winter seasons.

It is possible to buy these accessories, which stand out with their durability and quality, without paying exorbitant prices. To avoid spending too much money when purchasing jewelry, you can choose gold plated accessory models. This way, you can buy quality and useful accessories at very affordable prices. Gold plated models in our store are always offered for sale at budget-friendly prices.

Things to Consider When Buying Gold Plated Jewelry

There are a few essential details to consider when purchasing gold plated jewelry. In this way, you can make the right decision when choosing accessories and use the products you buy for a long time without deterioration. Here are the main things to consider when purchasing gold plated jewelry:

  • Although gold plated jewelry models were produced from real gold, they were not as valuable as gold. So, if you want to buy jewelry for investment purposes, you should choose genuine gold accessories.
  • If you do not take the necessary care of your gold plated accessories, your jewelry may darken in a short time. To avoid this, you may need to be more careful with accessories.
  • Gold plated jewelry models can be used for at least two years without problems. If you can protect the accessories from harmful factors, you can use your jewelry for many years without deterioration.
  • You should not mix the gold plated accessories with the accessories that have undergone the fermentation process. It is recommended that you carefully read the explanations about the product while shopping in our store.

What Should I Ask the Seller About Gold Plated Jewelry?

It is recommended to contact the customer representative in our store to get the most comprehensive information about gold plated jewelry. This way, it is possible to get the most precise information about the quality of the accessories. At the beginning of the questions, you will ask the sales consultant should be whether the accessory is gold plated or not. In this way, it is possible to learn clearly whether the product is plated or not.

In addition, you can ask the sales representative any question about the maintenance of the product. It is possible to use the accessory for a longer time if you take the necessary care of the product. At the same time, you can contact the sales representative to determine which combinations the gold plated accessories are suitable for.

How to Care for Gold Plated Jewelry?

Taking care of gold plated jewelry models will allow you to use the accessory for a long time without deterioration. There are a few essential steps you should take in this regard. Here are the main things you need to do to use gold plated accessories longer:

  • You must keep gold plated accessories away from chemicals and make-up materials. Such substances can cause the accessory to fail in a short time. It is recommended to remove your accessories, especially when touching items such as hairspray, foundation, cleaning material, or soap.
  • You can take care of your jewelry with unique accessory cleaning solutions.
  • You should not use brushes or hard materials such as this when cleaning accessories.
  • You should remove the plated accessories when entering the pool or the sea. Chlorine and salt water significantly damage gold plated accessories.

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