What Is the Difference Between Huggies and Small Hoops Earrings?

What Is the Difference Between Huggies and Small Hoops Earrings?

Huggies earring and hoop earrings are different earring models that look the same. To describe this difference, it would be correct to say that huggies are a hoop earring model, but a hoop earring is not a huggies. In other words, it is possible to show huggies designs as a model of hoop earrings.

What Are Huggies Earrings?

Huggies earring is one of the most trendy earring models of the last period. This design, similar to the hoop earring models, is a thicker and more robust type of earring. Huggies come in different sizes and can be worn on several ear points. These models, generally preferred by people with a bohemian style, can be produced from gold or silver materials.

Huggie hoop earrings models have an important place in accessory fashion. Huggies earring, a more modern version of hoop earring models, is an earring model that fits any combination and can be used in daily and stylish environments.

What Are Small Hoops Earrings?

It is possible to say that huggies earring models are often similar to hoops earring models. Small hoops earrings have some similarities with huggies in terms of design. However, the operation of hoop earrings models is quite different from huggies.

It has been possible to come across hoop earring models since ancient times. These accessories have been used in almost every period and have gained more modern touches today. Hoop earrings have also developed over time and gained diversity, such as small gold hoop earrings.

Similar to huggies earring models, small hoops are suitable for any style. Whether you have a classic or bohemian style, you will want to buy Abiza's most popular hoop earring models.

Which of the Huggies and Small Hoops Earring Models Should I Choose?

We said that huggies earring models are suitable for all styles and tastes. Small hoops earrings, like huggies, appeal to all tastes. For example, you can browse the gold huggies earrings models and buy the options that fit your style. In addition, you can choose silver, gold or rose gold models, which are among the types of small hoops earrings.

If you have more than one hole in your ear, we recommend earring types sold in sets. These earring sets, which are compatible with each other, will be able to complete your style in the best way. Sets containing more than one earring include huggies and small hoops models, ordered from largest to smallest.

Check out earrings collections.
Check out earrings collections.

Which Earring Designs Suit Me?

Do you want to wear earrings but can't decide which model of earrings is suitable for you? You can choose timeless earrings that suit all tastes. Among these types of earrings that never go out of fashion, small hoops earrings designs come to the fore. So much so that women and men preferred these earring designs in ancient times.

Huggies designs, which are similar to small hoops earrings models, are models suitable for all tastes and styles. Although Huggies earring is a new design, this design never goes out of style.

2022 Huggies and Small Hoops Earrings

As we mentioned, huggies and small hoops models stand out among the earring types that are fashionable yearly. It is possible to see these two designs regarding the accessory fashion of 2022. You can look at both models in Abiza's collection and the different options the models offer by visiting our store.

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