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December Birthstones: Turquoise, Tanzanite and Blue Topaz!

Citrine and topaz are both stunning gems with warm hues that span from bright yellow to reddish-brown. These two different gems are both November Birthstones and do have many similarities. Most people believe that they provide the same support and protection since they have been closely intertwined for so long.

Citrine is French for “lemon,” due to its bright shining colours. The stone was highly prized in ancient Roman communities, and it was believed that this gem could contain the power of the sun, repelling negative energies while protecting the wearer from evil. Citrine was originally found in Russia and Madagascar, but in more recent times it has also been mined in Spain and South America, notably Bolivia, Uruguay and Brazil.

Imperial Topaz was highly valued by Russian Tsars, who demanded that they were the only one’s worthy of keeping such fine gems. Ancient Greeks also believed that imperial topaz was a highly precious stone, one that could offer protection and increase strength, as well as make the wearer invisible during battle, so that they could be more successful against opponents. Topaz is actually named after the Greek word for fire, “topazos,” thanks to its bold warm hues.

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